Fall 2015
Interactive 2, GRAPH-228-01
California College of the Arts
SF Main Campus, [1] Room E1 [2] Room E2
Monday, Wednesday [1] 12–3pm [2] 4–7pm
Instructor: Laurel Schwulst, lschwulst@cca.edu

Lecture PDFs

Week 2 - Internet and Tools
Week 2 - HTML
Week 3 - Internet Extended
Week 3 - CSS
Week 4 - Concrete Poetry
Week 5 - CSS: Positioning
Week 8 - Spotlight on: Muriel Cooper
Week 9 - Spotlight on: Takenobu Igarashi
Week 10 - JavaScript Basics
Week 12 - jQuery Basics

Google Docs

Sublime Text "Cheat Sheet"
Exercise 0: Setting up your class website with Github
Exercise 1: Recreate a Wikihow page in HTML
Exercise 2: Style your Wikihow article
Exercise 5: Responsive Design
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7

Are.na channels

Concrete Poetry
Bloomberg Businessweek's Design
Websites with Novel Navs
Living Designers and Design Studios
Web Design Criticism
Internet Explorers


Click a button and toggle
Mouseenter, mouseleave and Hover
Scroll and alert
Accordion slideToggle
Turn on and off lights with button
jQuery Examples
Change background color
Scroll to anchor smoothly
Draggable div


For code editing, we will use Sublime Text.

For website hosting, we will use Github Pages.

For code learning, we will use Codecademy.


If you find yourself stuck while writing code, remember to be patient. If you haven't already, try breaking your problem down into smaller, more manageable parts. Search Google or Stack Overflow for how to solve those parts, one at a time. Or brush up your skills through some of the other links on this page. Remember that most of the time you spend writing code will be fixing bugs. (And sometimes bugs will allow you to discover something new you haven't ever seen before!)

However, if you reach a point in which you absolutely need help and must ask another human, please considerately phrase your code question in the form of a jsFiddle. (To do this, type your code in the appropriate boxes and press "Run". Once it looks right, press "Save". Copy and paste the URL at the top.) In an email, explain everything you know so far about the problem and paste the link to the jsFiddle.


Shay Howe's Guide to HTML & CSS
The Shapes of CSS
Learn Layout
Free Code Camp
MIT Code Lectures
Eloquent Javascript
Getting Git Right
Unix for Mac OS X Users
Open Source Web Fonts
Copy Paste Character
A History of Internet Art
W3C Code Validator


CCA's Learning Resource Center

Sister classes

Interactive 1 by Kelly Walters, CCA
Networks and Transactions by Dan Michaelson, Yale
GD for the Web by Clement Valla, RISD
Core Interaction by Brian Watterson, The New School
Creative Computing by Jeffrey Scudder, The New School

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